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Children are incredible!! They make you laugh, cry, but most of all they make you love.
Enjoy your mini blessings :)

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Eureka Math

This year we will be using Eureka Math as our school curriculum. I know the math looks different from the ways many of us learned it in our youth, but math is math.  Our goal is to make sure students are challenged in their thinking and exploring a variety of strategies and methods.  Our goal is not necessarily the right answer, but exploring the process and analyzing the process to see how our children learn.

Here are some links that will help your understand Eureka math. All videos have a module and lessons. Example 5th grade Module 1 lesson 1.....The lessons and module will go along with their student workbook.

Weekly updates

  • Check agendas Daily
  • Be sure to check Parent Portal Weekly
  • Thursday are communications days.....please look for weekly progress reports

Math websites

Let your child spend about 20-25 minutes practicing Math skills are a great way to get can even enjoy these sites with them. ....This site will be used in class on a weekly basis, students will have a login to utilize...please make sure students are using this site on a nightly basis...for at least one lesson.